Scruffts clarification

Dear Reader,

We would like to inform you that the 2008 Scruffts dog of the year show was NOT cancelled. In fact, the relevant Camâra did not respond to our letter (sent ‘registada com aviso’) and there was no response to subsequent telephone calls and personal visits to the office of the ‘vereador’ responsible for the facilities.

Our organisation is extremely disappointed in particular because this would have been the 10ª anniversary of the Scruffts dog show. You may not be aware that, for many years, it has been a struggle to obtain premises for this important event. In fact, certain people used to laugh at the very idea of mongrels, non pedigree, ‘rafeiros’ appearing in a dog show.

We would like to apologise to all those budding ‘best in show’ contestants, their owners, supporters and volunteers. It is hoped that the show will take place next year.

Linda Pixley, on behalf of the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve