Scorcher on way as Portuguese remain ‘confined’ for another weekend

The impatience of the Portuguese to free themselves from the final stage of lockdown is going to be sorely tested this weekend as IPMA weather forecasters predict a scorcher.

Says reports, maritime police will be on the alert as beaches are still off-limits.

Temperatures in the Algarve and Alentejo are expected to reach as high as 30ºC, with Lisbon and Porto not far behind.

Says RTP this morning, maritime authority commander Fernando Pereira da Fonseca has stressed there will be ‘reinforcement’ of controls, “faced with the risks of contagion association with bathing activity”.

The commander told Antena 1 radio that people should “resist the temptation to go to the beach” as the State of Emergency lockdown will remain in place until midnight on Saturday.

How that leaves Sunday is not explained – though this final weekend of lockdown has been tightened with the limit on all residents from leaving the confines of the borough of their official home address.