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Schools return with “no Covid measures”

Government leaves measures of prevention up to individuals… for now

Schools are starting the new academic year “without measures of combat against the propagation of Covid-19”.

In a nutshell this means that pupils will not have to start the school year wearing masks, or undergoing tests to ensure they are negative for SARS-CoV-2.

Explain reports, the ministry of education confirms “there are no specific measures for schools”. 

However, minister for the presidency Mariana Vieira da Silva has already said it is very unlikely that mask-wearing will be dropped for public transports in September as ‘a further wave of Covid infections is expected and further measures may be necessary’.

In other words, schools may well start the school year at the beginning of September without specific measures, but this situation looks very likely to change.

Indeed, the wording of today’s story refers to “taking into account the current phase of the pandemic, it is up to each one to comply with non-pharmacological measures to prevent infection”. 

The government adds that it is in permanent coordination with the director-general for health “in order to apply any other measures that may be determined as a result of the evolution of the pandemic”.

Bottom line: enjoy the moment; authorities are almost certainly planning to clamp down on summertime Covid liberty as soon as temperatures start to fall.

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