School’s out on November 15 as teachers call national strike

Fenprof, the national federation of teachers, has called a national strike for Wednesday, November 15, appealing to members to come together outside Lisbon’s parliamentary building on that day, as the section of next year’s State budget concerned with education is due to come under debate.

Said Fenprof’s secretary-general Mário Nogueira, it is “important” to make this “a tremendous strike”, even though it comes just three days before another national strike called by workers’ federation of unions, the CGTP.

The teachers’ main beef is with what is termed “the unfreezing of careers, and counting of years of service”.

What it means is that the union wants its members to be eligible for promotions and receive payment commensurate with their years of service.

There are other issues, but these are the principal reasons for the strike, writes Lusa.

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