Schools-out all over country as ‘non-teaching staff’ down tools

Janitors and other ‘non-teaching’ staff have joined the call for a national strike today, seeing scores of schools up and down the country turning pupils away.

The strike is expected to continue tomorrow though parents are warned that children must present themselves at school gates in the morning even if only to be told to go home.

“This is the lunacy of the situation”, one parent lamented, echoing feelings shared by adults and children alike every time there is any kind of public sector strike.

As ever, today’s actions are focused on low pay grades, the fact that ‘career progressions’ have been stymied and staffing levels kept to a minimum.

Syndicate bosses explain the strike is designed to “demonstrate worker discontent”.

It’s not something this government is unaware of: teachers and nurses have been leading the way in demonstrating public sector discontent for months now, and their struggles are set to continue, with teachers particularly threatening to strike during the summer term and before the Autumn elections.

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