School rocks!

THIS YEAR’S Faro Academic Week promises to be bigger and better than ever. Promoters have revealed that they expect an estimated 50,000 spectators to attend the live performances by some of Portugal’s biggest names between April 30 and May 8. Dealema and Da Weasel will open the event, with André Indiana and Rui Veloso following the next day (May 1). Quim Barreiros and Ena Pá 2000 perform on May 3, Original Electro Groove, Terracotta and Primitive Reason on May 4, Reacções Verbais e Blasted Mechanism on May 5, Versus Tuna, Pluto and Clã on May 6, Plástica on May 7. And, last but not least, Xutos & Pontapés and Toranja play on May 8. Entrance is priced at 10 euros per night for students, 15 euros for non-students and 35 euros for a week long ticket. Entrance to the student’s musical concert on May 2 is free. Organisers have revealed that several sporting activities will take place on Faro beach during the afternoons before the concerts.