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School production success

Vale Verde International School has once again raised the bar and smashed the record from previous school theatre productions with their adaptation of the globally acclaimed movie that was turned into a theatre production, Wizard of Oz.

Team work made the show run smoothly and enjoyably in a family atmosphere.  So many people had contributed their time and effort towards the show and their enthusiasm was clearly visible. Each person who was involved in the show, whether they were part of the backstage crew, acting, providing musical accompaniment or making of the costumes and scenery, needs to be applauded for really making it into a performance to remember.

The acting was almost professional, with clear and precise voice projections. The cast made full use of the stage and its surroundings which made the show come alive with excitement.

There was one person who stood out from the rest and deserves special mention – Jessica Michener playing the Wicked Witch. She portrayed the role perfectly, with her witch like cackles and getting the audience to interact with her.

The primary section also needs to be commended for their contributions. Their voices were loud and clear and they never failed to impress while always managing to fill the room with excitement and smiles.

Ms Annie Daenens was a star in her own right, making and providing the costumes and creating the scenery for the play.  Ms Dianne Ferrari and Suzanne Catron helped pull the production together and made the show into something memorable. Finally, Mr Roger Foreman, whose dedication and time put into the making of this production was truly amazing.  The Wizard of Oz performance was one to be remembered for a long time. Courtney Hurst, Student -Year 10