School facilities improved

In a move that the President of Loulé Câmara has described as “urgent and necessary”, the foundation stone of Almancil’s first ever pre-school nursery was laid recently. “Almancil is one of the freguesias of the concelho where the population is growing most quickly and the birth rate is high,” explained Seruca Emídio. “It is necessary for us to look at the needs of the young population.”

The nursery will have four rooms with space for 100 children, aged between three and five. It is being built next to the Escola EB 2,3, in an area of the town that already has facilities for young mothers, including the Jardim das Comunidades. The nursery will also have a gated playground so that the children can play safely.

The new nursery will cost around 500,000 euros and will be ready in August, so that the first children will be able to attend at the start of the school year in September. Once the nursery school is finished, a sports ground will be build on the other side of the Escola EB 2,3.

Other school facilities are also planned in the area, including the enlargement of the Escola de Vale Judeu, the creation of a new primary school in Loulé, in Hortas de St. António, the renovation of a school in Quarteira and a new nursery in Salir.