Scary experience at Marina

Dear Editor,

I read your article today on your website about the British tourist David Morley and would just like to say I had a scary experience on the marina in early June.

I took money out of the cash machine across from Figo’s bar by the wine shop. Then I went upstairs to return to my car.

As I got to the top, two black guys who had obviously been watching the cash machine chased me. Thankfully the Chinese restaurant was still open and I took off at high speed until I got to it.

Once they saw I was outside the Chinese they ran up the side street towards McDonalds. I was going to report it but I had no real description and nothing much had happened to me and I figured the GNR would be disinterested to say the least.

It was about 11.30 on a Saturday night but the Marina was unusually quiet.

Is there any more information about whether these guys have been caught or are still operating in the area?

I mean it would not be too hard to catch them as they are pretty distinctive.

Kevin, by email