Scandinavian club raises over €600 for Alvor children’s home

Over €600 has been raised for the Bom Samaritano children’s home in Alvor by a group of Scandinavians known as ‘Torsdagsklubben’ (The Thursdays Club).

The money was collected during a buffet lunch at Algoz’s Foral restaurant on February 24.

“We have been donating to the Bom Samaritano home for some years because we know the money goes straight to help the children,” member Orla Frank told us.

The money has been handed over to the home, and “they were very happy as usual”.

‘Torsdagsklubben’ is a small group of Scandinavians – mostly Norwegians – who meet for coffee at the Millennium café on Portimão riverside every Thursday.

The group is open to anyone who wants to join and there are no membership fees.

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