Say ‘no’ to illegal trapping of birds

Dear Editor,

A sad, sad morning… Apologies for the horrible photos but I am so angry! I collected another 10 of these disgusting barbaric traps. Beside one that had sprung was a traumatised blackbird, fortunately not trapped but in shock. Then, unbelievably, another trap had been sprung by a thrush’s activity and he was sitting beside it in shock too.

It’s immediately adjoining the land I’m staying on, in the middle of nowhere! Some of today’s traps were literally 1m over the boundary. It’s a bit scary to think someone is creeping around so close to where I’m living alone! Thank goodness for the dogs – I just wish they were a bit bigger and fiercer. I suspect (from my dogs’ barking) that they set them up after dark.


Editor’s note: If you suspect this kind of illegal activity is taking place in an area near you, you can contact your local GNR who will report the case to their environmental protection unit SEPNA. SPEA, the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds, is actually running a campaign against the trapping and caging of live birds for eating. You can read about it at