Saved from crocodile’s jaws

A pregnant woman saved her ranger husband from the jaws of a crocodile after the animal attacked him when he was washing his feet in White Umfolzi river in South Africa.

Lawrence Munro was on a nightfall walk with his wife Kerryn and their dogs.

After recovering from the accident he said: “It was a matter of seconds. I grabbed hold of the rocks and started kicking the croc with my right foot. He let go and grabbed again, getting hold of both feet.

“I tried to get to my rifle, but I had been dragged closer to the water and couldn’t reach it. Kerryn grabbed under my arm and around my neck and started pulling. Eventually the croc let go.”

A spokesman for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife said there had been some crocodile attacks across KwaZulu-Natal as.

“Lawrence was very lucky because crocodile are killers. They are past masters at camouflage and stalking so it’s not surprising he didn’t see it. But he’s not bitter about it and we expect him to be back at work once his feet have healed.”