Save money and time, buy your currency online


Now that most of us have access to the internet, we find ourselves buying items online with ease. In fact it has now become such an ordinary occurrence, that some people seem to buy everything online. If they could buy a coffee and Pastel de Nata, they would!

One online service that has now come of age is the facility to buy your foreign currency securely. In the US and the UK, it is now normal for people to order their holiday money online with the cash delivered to their door. This makes a vast saving over the more traditional method of buying holiday money and, of course, is considerably more convenient.

What about those who are regularly living abroad, but don’t want to pay the international bank charges on every exchange? There is now an online service available, where you can save money and time. It’s not the full brokerage service that the currency dealers offer as you simply log on and buy through the web using your debit, or credit card from as little as 200 Pounds Sterling. The website clearly states the rate of exchange that you will receive.  It even tells you how much you’ll get in your local bank account a few days later.  

One company that offers this easy facility is Global Currency Exchange Network. They have a full currency buying office in Lagos where you can meet the currency dealers if you prefer. They have been transferring money around the world for clients for about seven years and currently exchange over 500 million Pounds Sterling in a year. But to take advantage of this facility, you don’t need to keep calling into the Lagos office. All you have to do is call the ladies in the office and they will register you for free, so you can start saving costs on currency exchange.

If you’re local to Lagos, why not pop into the office where the girls can help you.  They can be reached on 282 768 136.