Save Lagos landmark

news: Save Lagos landmark

AFTER CONTACTING Lagos Câmara regarding one of our reader’s concerns over the apparent disregard for storks’ nests (not herons’ nests as printed in last week’s ‘Dear Editor’ page) and original chimneys in Lagos, the information below was obtained.

Luís Graça from the câmara president’s office stated the following:

1. The project to build apartments on land in the Avenida was approved when the current PS (Socialist) administration came to power following the last local elections. The project had been given the green light previously by the PSD (Social Democrats) administration.

2. Although the chimney was destroyed in this case, as per the project plans, the present câmara ordered that it must be rebuilt in another location on the site and an artificial bird nest should be prepared. Artificial nests are common in Lisbon and in the Alentejo, and have proved to be very successful in the re-homing of birds. The artificial nest has already been installed in a location not far from the original nest on the site in the Avenida and the birds have been transferred.

3. In the original project, the apartment block was to have five levels but the present câmara managed to come to an agreement with the developer to make the building three levels high. This was done in order to help protect the appearance of the area.

4. There will be a new block of apartments built in front of the old Hotel Cristovão in downtown Lagos, and this project was approved by the present câmara. However, it has been made very clear that the developer cannot destroy the old chimneys, which exist on the site, because the câmara understands that they are an important, original feature of the old fish factories, and should be retained in order for Lagos to maintain its character. Therefore, the chimneys on this site will remain exactly as they are with the storks’ nests on top. Also, the project has been defined in such a way to ensure the new apartments do not encroach unfavourably on the riverside area.