Save energy, save money

Finding ways to conserve energy is a life-changing process. Not only will saving energy help improve the environment, it also helps reduce your monthly energy bills. The best place to start conserving energy is in your home. Basic cost-effective tips and easy do-it-yourself projects will help you get started on saving energy in your home.

Fill air spaces between windows and doors

A cost-effective way to save energy in your home is to fill the air spaces between windows and doors. This is called weather-stripping or caulking. To weather-strip place a narrow strip of metal, wood or rubber between a door or window and its frame to prevent air from seeping through. Caulking is the process in which you spread caulking material in between doors and windows to fill the gap.

A significant amount of heat is lost via these gaps. According to one survey, the amount of gas spent on lost heat in the USA alone is enough to heat more than four million homes a year!

Install low-flow showerheads

Save energy and money in your home by using low-flow showerheads that reduce the amount of water your shower uses.

Install double glazed windows and doors

A very cost effective way to save energy and money in your home is to install modern double-glazed windows and doors. It may seem like a great expense at the time, but it will save you a small fortune in the long term.

Double glazed windows and doors have advanced at a rate of knots over the past 10 years. They are more effective than ever before. Again, this will prevent heat loss and save on your gas/electricity bill, and in moderate temperatures, you can easily open your windows and doors to ventilate your home to save the expense of using your air conditioner.


Save energy in your home by installing insulation. Insulating your top floor ceiling along with the exterior walls and basement floors and ceilings can save up to 30% on your energy bill. This is particularly applicable to older properties, 15+ years – this era of property was often built without any insulation whatsoever.


Replace your current lights with energy-efficient compact LED lamps, which use a quarter of the energy of an ordinary incandescent bulb. In addition, compact LED lamps last eight to 12 times longer.

In addition, there are many more ways to save energy, for example, installing a solar hot water system, photovoltaic solar for running your swimming pool heat pump, and the list goes on.

By Brett Hawkins
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