Sauvignon Blanc from the back of beyond

Sauvignon Blanc from the back of beyond

This wine can be found on the bottom shelf of the Douro white wines section at Apolónia, on special offer reduced by 20% to €7.95 until January 2.

If there were an award for “worst label design”, I think this one might scoop the prize for it has to be one of the worst attempts of labelling a bottle of wine I have seen.

It seems that someone at the winery had the idea of producing one label and then the boss perhaps decided that it also needed to have the cork oak label that the rest of their wines feature, and thereby we have a wine with two labels that do not look at all like they were supposed to be on the same bottle.

The wine is from the Transmontano region, right up in Portugal’s top right corner, above the Douro and not far from the Spanish border, near the city of Chaves.

This is a beautiful and often overlooked part of Portugal that has a long history of winemaking but gets little recognition.

As for the wine, this is a very decent Sauvignon Blanc. The colour is pale yellow with hints of green, on the nose there are grassy and vegetal notes, slightly creamy in the mouth, with good acidity and a nice dry finish.

Even without the 20% discount, it represents good value. Shame about the label though.

By Patrick Stuart