Sausages and Saints

Visitors are invited to the village of Querença, near Loulé, to take part in the traditional sausage festival, Festa das Chouriças, on January 30.

The festival is used to honour São Luís, the patron Saint of animals, and includes a religious procession through the village after a ceremony at the local church from 3pm, while there is ample opportunity to buy and taste sausages from 11am.

A spokesman from Loulé Câmara said: “This festival is one of the most symbolic events that takes place in the Algarve and attracts tourists from across the region to Querença to enjoy some homemade sausages and participate in religious ceremonies.”

The festival originates from a time when families living in the interior of the region would kill the family pig in January and make an offering of a homemade sausage to São Luís to ensure the supply of food for the household for the rest of the year.

For further information about the festival, please call the Parish Council of Querença on 289 422 712.