Saturday night folly: Police break up three illegal parties totalling over 300 people in Albufeira and Faro

GNR police broke up three illegal parties in the Algarve on Saturday night (November 14), which together attracted a total of 310 people.

In Albufeira, the police force put an end to two wedding parties which blatantly breached Covid-19 rules.

One was taking place at a hotel and was attended by around 150 people, all of whom were ordered to disperse. GNR agents on patrol became suspicious when they spotted several people “dressed for a party”, eventually tracking them down to the hotel.

The other event, also related to a wedding, brought together around 60 people at a local restaurant, which was ordered to close for “exceeding its maximum capacity”.

Meanwhile in Faro, police were tipped off about loud music coming from what agents later confirmed to be a birthday party. Around 100 people were in attendance and ordered to leave.

This is not the kind of news people want to hear at a time when eight boroughs in the Algarve (Albufeira and Faro included) are facing multiple restrictions due to a growing number of Covid-19 cases – with more at risk of joining the list soon.

It’s clear that the government’s pleas for people to stay home are still largely being ignored. Specialists have condemned the government’s communication strategy during the pandemic, calling for a more empathetic approach which would actually get people to listen (click here).

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