Satellite television

Dear Editor,

I do not usually write to newspapers but feel compelled to tell your readers about my recent experience regarding satellite TV reception.

I had my dish installed a couple of years ago which was the recommended 1.3 metre dish. Over the last few months, I began to lose reception during the evenings on some of the terrestrial channels.

I contacted three local suppliers, each of which proposed a new larger dish, with the pricing ranging from 250 Euros to 550 Euros.

I then tried TV Audio Tec (who advertise in the Algarve Resident).

They came to my property the next day, re-aligned the LNB and charged me just a fraction of the cost of a new dish. I am really happy.

Anyway, if there is anyone else out there with satellite TV reception problems, do not blindly accept that the remedy is a new larger dish.

Name and Address withheld