Satellite systems with a smile

CHRIS AND Liz Whitman started visiting the Algarve 12 years ago and, like so many of us, fell in love with the lifestyle and made that big step of moving here permanently three years ago.

They moved to Burgau and it was not long before Chris’ building and restoration skills were put to good use as he found himself fitting satellite systems. And this was the beginning of the Whitmans’ new business, S.O.S. Sky Digital.

They have set up what they hope will prove a boon to ex-pats: a system up and away, without the waiting around for weeks for a service provider to just, literally, not turn up.

S.O.S. Sky Digital combines punctuality, honesty and reliability with the support and experience of suppliers from abroad. Chris and Liz’s mission is to satisfy the Algarve market with competitively priced products and a service with a smile.

For a free, no-obligation quote, telephone Chris and Liz on 916 378 722.