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Satellite success

Having lived in the Algarve for 16 years and worked in the satellite TV business since 1993, Chris Davies certainly knows his stuff.

In 1994 he started CPD Satellites and the business has since grown dramatically.

“We now have 6,000 customers”, says Chris proudly, “and many are very prominent property owners in the Golden Triangle area.”

With a very loyal clientele, a lot of them are now purchasing other property, like vineyards in places like the Alentejo, where CPD has been installing full entertainment systems.

The company has also covered the Lisbon, Portalegre and Ayamonte areas, and covers the whole of the Algarve.

Bigger and better

Offering a service that is ‘second to none’, CPD Satellites prides itself on its reliability, quality and after-sales service. “We are not the cheapest but we are certainly worth the difference”, says Chris, who works with the likes of Fnac in Algarve Shopping where he has installed their High Definition system for demonstration.

Each year the company has become bigger and better and earlier this year a shop was opened in Almancil from where clients can view the top of the range HD television, plasma, sound systems and more. CPD sell brands such as Pioneer, known as ‘the Rolls Royce of plasmas’, Panasonic and Bose.

The company, which employs a number of staff, handles everything from the smallest requirement such as providing new Scart leads and solving channel problems to the installation of full home entertainment systems.

They also frequently work together with architects, builders and developers, from designing the infrastructure to installing multi-systems for over 50 houses each with their own satellite receiver from only one dish.

A common problem which is easily solved by CPD is enabling Sky TV to be viewed in different rooms of the house and for viewers to be able to watch different channels in each room.

To contact CPD Satellites, telephone 289 398 835 or visit