Satellite blackout – Let’s hope the moaning stops

Dear Editor,
I can’t be the only one sick to the back teeth of people bleating about the loss of BBC and “oh no!” the fact that the plug has also been pulled on ITV as well!
What is wrong with all these people? I am constantly amazed by the number of PG Tips-swilling residents who seem to move here, run backwards and forwards to Iceland buying food and then settle down like true blue couch potatoes in front of British TV!
They even have expressions that are unfathomable unless you keep up with the likes of Emmerdale, Eastenders or the lugubrious Doc Martin. Why did they move to Portugal at all?
Wouldn’t it have been better to stay in Blighty and simply invest in a sunlamp as they munched on a packet of HobNobs? The conversations of BBC-bores invariably centre on how many villages are treading water in England, what is on Crimewatch or whether one of the Royals is “up the spout”!
None of them ever seem to be minimally aware of anything that’s happening here. Perhaps this satellite blackout will get people at last taking part in what’s going on. It may even force them at last to PAY for their TV (as almost all Portuguese have to do!) as well. Whatever it does, let’s hope the moaning stops soon.
Sylvia Conceição