Sardines take the spotlight in Portimão

Residents and tourists alike may now treat themselves to a sumptuous grilled sardine feast as Portimão once again becomes the capital of this traditional fish until August 11.

Considered to be the most important gastronomic events of the city and one of the most important in the region, this year’s edition will feature some changes, including an alteration of the event’s name, which is now called “Festa da Sardinha”.

Besides the delicious sardines, accompanied by boiled potatoes, the essential Algarvean salad and home-made bread, many different attractions will be spread out along the Portimão riverside, offering visitors a variety of activities and entertainment.

A number of folklore and popular music performances will be held at the old fish market (Antiga Lota) every night, starting at 9pm, as well as an offer of regional products, where crafts, sweets, traditional beverages and much more will be available for purchase. The location will also host the Portimão book fair, which will be open from 7pm to 12am, and a play area for the youngsters.

Additionally, the municipal theatre will be home to some events, such as a photography exhibition based around the theme of the human body’s connection to the earth while Portimão’s museum will remind visitors of the times when the city lived off its fishing and canning industry and will also be hosting a number of different temporary shows.

Last but not least, the Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, dedicated to the Portimão citizen that became President of Portugal, will gather the work of many local artists into one single exhibition, joining music, sculpture, painting and photography.