Sardine still shines as Portimão’s favourite fish despite cancelled festival

Portimão’s Sardine Festival, one of the Algarve’s most popular gastronomic events, will not be held this year due to the pandemic, but the town will continue to pay homage to its “crown jewel of the sea” with a number of other initiatives.

Throughout the summer, the town’s railway bridge will once again be ‘lit up’ at night in the shape of a sardine. Hopes are that the stunning sight will encourage locals and holidaymakers to enjoy a sardine dinner at one of Portimão’s many fish restaurants.

Several interviews will also be carried out among clients and owners of the restaurants that usually take part in the festival and will be shared on the local council’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Photos and videos of some of the best moments of past festivals will also be shared.

The council says the festival will return next year, with the date to be announced on Sunday (August 9).

Sardines are typically enjoyed grilled and served on a slice of bread (as the Portuguese call it, “sardinha no pão”) or on a plate with salad and boiled potatoes.