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São Brás Museum celebrates Portugal Day with Fado evening

THE NEXT musical evening in the series of concerts organised by the Friends of São Brás Museum is to celebrate Portugal Day, which is this Saturday, June 10. It starts at 7.30pm and promises to be a spectacular event.

The concert is the first in the 2006 series to be held outdoors at the São Brás Museum, in a beautiful and secluded area with a capacity for more than 500 people.

The evening promises to hold all that is typically Portuguese in store, certainly as far as the music is concerned, with the programme starting with a first half of Fado, featuring the renowned José Praia Corpus do Fado trio.

Specialists in Coimbra Fado, as opposed to Lisbon Fado, the former is more profound, certainly melancholic, but not overtly so. Coimbra Fado is recognised the world over for its celebrated serenades, sung and performed with a panache only perfected by the Portuguese. If you are a lover of Fado, you will be enchanted, or this could be the best introduction to this sensitive, romantic art form.

The night then explodes into a mix of Portuguese popular folk music performed by Pedro Frias & Banda. The band play originals written and arranged by Pedro, the leader, capturing the national spirit of the regions in a fusion of Celtic and Flamenco influences. Among the celebrities featured in this fantastic band are the famous Beto Kalulu, the extraordinary percussionist with his nationally famous hair, and guest singer João Paulo, a great interpreter of the songs of Zeca Afonso, a famous Portuguese revolutionary singer.

Don’t miss this memorable evening, brought to you exclusively by the Friends of São Brás Museum. To reserve your tickets, call any of the following numbers and your tickets will be waiting for you at the door – 289 845 452, 289 840 100 or 914 167 710.