São Brás launches support group for the elderly

Providing a wide range of support to the elderly population of São Brás de Alportel is the main goal of the recently-founded Senior Intervention Group (Grupo de Intervenção Sénior, or GIS). An initiative by the local municipality, the group will see senior residents, including foreigners, benefit from a range of services to ensure greater quality of life.
“In simple terms, the group strives to keep a close eye on our elderly citizens, making sure they are not living in isolation or go without basic care,” alderwoman Marlene Guerreiro told the Resident.
Although described as an “informal non-official entity”, the GIS is coordinated by the municipal social services and works alongside the local parish council, the GNR, social security and health centre.
The key to what could be the group’s success, says Guerreiro, is the “proximity” between the various entities involved.
“We work together to ensure our elderly have access to all the support they can get.
“In the same way we protect our young ones through the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youngsters, we also want to protect the elderly, who have been found to live in seriously risky and fragile situations,” said Marlene Guerreiro.
The group’s headquarters are at the local Centro de Apoio à Comunidade on Rua Serpa Pinto, no.29.
Foreign seniors can also benefit from the GIS, confirmed Guerreiro, who reminded our readers that the council has a foreign resident ombudsman, who is available to meet with residents on the third Thursday of every month to discuss any issues that concern them.
Anyone interested in finding out more about the GIS should contact the local council.
289 840 020 | solidariedade@cm-sbras.pt