São Brás hosts traditional Easter flower show

Keeping its traditions very much alive, São Brás de Alportel will be hosting its century-old flower torch show ‘Festa das Tochas Floridas’ on Easter Sunday (April 5).

The festival is inspired by a once popular Easter celebration that took place throughout the Algarve. Many towns in the region used to host a procession with torches lit by fire to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But while many have abandoned the tradition, São Brás has kept it going ever year and will begin the 2015 celebrations at 9.30am, when visitors will be able to see the flowers that will be displayed along the town’s streets.

There will be two fairs opening at 10am – one selling handicrafts near the local church and another selling local delicacies at Largo S. Sebastião.

The procession is scheduled for 11.30am and will begin at the local church. Other celebrations will be held throughout the day.

To see the full programme, visit: http://www.cm-sbras.pt/pt/menu/642/programa.aspx