Santarém woman receives 232 letters from tax authority, all on same day

A woman living in the small community of Achete (Santarém) was flabbergasted to receive 232 letters from the AT tax authority all on the same day.

Her trepidation, however, quickly dispelled after she realised that they all related to cents, not euros – none of them exceeding 30 cents.

And when she went to the tax office to try and discover what it was all about, she was told to relax, she didn’t owe anything. The ‘debt’ had already been ‘liquidated’.

“There were so many letters that they didn’t even fit into the post box,” the woman has since explained, asking to remain anonymous for fear of any ‘complications’ (or further letters) that the story might bring her.

The inspector at Santarém tax office told her to “make a soup” out of the letters, she told Correio da Manhã, but she has decided to keep them, as a memento to bureaucratic lunacy.

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