Sanipina is top of the crop!

news: Sanipina is top of the crop!

HONDA Portugal chose Sanipina in Lagoa as its model dealer of their power tools recently, requesting the Algarve firm to host an important visit of executives from Honda Sweden. Sanipina, which sells Honda’s farming and gardening machinery (lawn mowers, irrigation systems, strimmers and generators, among other equipment), was selected to receive Honda Sweden’s top 16 sales agents, who were in the Algarve on an incentive trip. The Swedes enjoyed a tour of the premises and were also given a presentation about Honda’s business in Portugal. Carlos Duarte, managing director of Honda Produtos de Força (Honda Power Tools) Portugal, told The Resident: “Honda Sweden requested to visit a concession considered to be the model dealer in Portugal. We chose Sanipina because of the brand new facilities and because they fulfill all the standards of professionalism in both sales and service.”

He also confirmed that the Swedish visitors had been extremely impressed with “the way the products were displayed, the organisation and the workshop”. Sanipina clearly demonstrated how things should be done and not only in Portugal. “Our Swedish agents all agreed that Sanipina would also be considered a model dealer in Sweden!” said Carlos Duarte. And it appears it wasn’t just the facilities and the professionalism that scored top marks. Carlos Duarte pointed to the catering area and said: “Our visitors are also very impressed by the traditional Algarve desserts!”

• Call Sanipina on 282 341 742/3 or visit them (behind Mestre Maco) and have a look around for yourself.