SandyBlue: What’s your 2022 villa rental strategy?

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2021 has certainly gone quickly and we are seeing many people making up for lost holiday time. The summer months saw huge numbers of guests returning to the Algarve following lockdown, while many more have booked some winter sun.

The high demand for an Algarve villa getaway does not end there. The SandyBlue team have seen an unprecedented number of bookings and enquiries for Summer 2022, with many guests determined to make the most of travel next year.

This means that 2022 villa rental strategies need to be planned right now, if they haven’t been already. By starting to envision what success looks like in 2022 now, villa owners can really capitalise on high demand ahead of their competition.

What will help you stand out?
All villa rental strategies should have one thing in common – guest experience is paramount and should be at the heart of every discussion. How can villa owners ensure that guests are going to have an unforgettable experience and what are the benefits of this?

At SandyBlue, we have devised ways to help villa owners get their properties on the map. Working closely with our owners ensures their villa is unique and we have implemented a guest review strategy that provides invaluable feedback for owners.

Guest feedback is more important than ever. With so many tourists doing more research than before, having a property with many glowing reviews will make all the difference. Furthermore, checking in with guests post departure continues the customer experience and is great for building a pool of returning guests.

From offering luxury in-villa experiences to longer term rentals, there will be plenty of new trends to observe in the months to come and it’s important to acknowledge every single one.

Executing your marketing campaigns
Dynamic marketing campaigns have helped our team tap into new markets and getting a marketing strategy in place now will help owners do the same.

Powerful marketing messages can really play a huge part in the customer journey, from the first enquiry to post departure. The aforementioned reviews are integral in this journey as are consistent updates for all guests in the lead up to their arrival.

We have seen just how important email marketing can be when keeping in touch with guests, while analysing other channels to determine how audiences digest content and interact with updates. Right now, we encourage owners to step back and review their 2021 marketing campaigns so they can begin to plan a truly successful marketing strategy for 2022.

Getting ready to welcome guests
It has been fantastic to see so many guests enjoying the Algarve this summer and look forward to welcoming many more guests in the year ahead. To make it unforgettable for guests, we will continue to work closely with our existing owner partners to make this happen and will always be on hand to help new owners achieve success.