SandyBlue: increase your Algarve villa rental income in 2022

Text by SandyBlue

Offering fully managed property services in the Algarve allows the SandyBlue team to help owners really reach full rental potential with their properties. It’s a competitive market and new owners need to understand the travel landscape in order to secure a steady stream of bookings.

At SandyBlue, we help our owner partners by consistently adapting to how tourists are searching for rental properties. In 2022, here are just two ways we will be helping our property portfolio stand out and secure new guests for the year ahead.

The value of guest feedback
Tourists are doing so much more research now following the events of the pandemic. As such, having reviews will make all the difference when attracting guests. The more there are, the better. SandyBlue has devised a focused feedback campaign, which collects positive reviews but also constructive feedback. Not only do we collect these for our own website listings, we encourage reviews across multiple channels such as Google and Facebook. This wider reach really puts villas and apartments in the spotlight.

Seamless marketing launches
As mentioned, extensive research is playing a big part in why guests book a certain property. When we launch a new property for our portfolio, our priority is to get in front of thousands of potential guests. Our email marketing channel has over 20,000 engaged subscribers and is always growing. We have worked on our email content to really capture the attention of subscribers.

Furthermore, social media advertising with targeted campaigns have allowed us to identify our audience demographics and create marketing campaigns that appeal to the masses.

Can SandyBlue help you?
With reservations at an unprecedented high in 2022 already, we’re confident we can help property owners in the Algarve find success in the year ahead!

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Photos of a property SandyBlue has on its villa rental portfolio

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