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At SandyBlue, we are constantly adapting so that our fully managed property services provide new ways to maximise rental income for our owner partners. 2022 was a hugely successful year for the Algarve villa rental space, particularly for the SandyBlue team!

Of course, a new year brings new opportunities to reach even further heights of success. At the heart of this is our dedication to our owner partners and their properties. We are always looking to speak to new owners who are looking for a rental partner with an edge over the competition.

It has been a busy start to 2023, with new travel trends rising to the forefront. Here’s how we plan to turn these trends into quantifiable success for property owners in the Algarve.

New markets mean targeted marketing campaigns
When it comes to marketing, SandyBlue has never played it safe. This certainly paid off at the 2022 Algarve Business Awards, where we won ‘Best Marketing Initiative.’

We don’t plan to slow this down. Having already grown social media traffic by 142% in the second half of 2022, in addition to launching our own TikTok channel, we have identified where guest engagement is coming from geographically.

While the UK & Ireland remain a huge audience for the Algarve, our website is seeing growing traffic from Spain, Germany, Canada and the United States. With these insights, we can create targeted campaigns for each audience to highlight their interests, be it a golf holiday or a fun-filled family getaway. Our goal with this is to introduce our property portfolio to an even bigger audience than ever before.

One of SandyBlue's fully managed properties

The Algarve is becoming popular with niche audiences
SandyBlue has long promoted longer stays in the Algarve. Our guests receive the full SandyBlue experience, with an all-inclusive price that covers cleaning, concierge service and much more. Meanwhile, owners have complete peace of mind – our team covers all aspects of the stay and their property gains steady rental income.

Though popular with retirees, this type of booking has also increased with digital remote workers. More people are able to work from anywhere in the world, and the Algarve is a popular choice already. Once again, we work with our owner partners to help attract and accommodate these emerging audiences. The more people who are interested in your property, the better 2023 will be!

For any property owners in the Algarve’s Golden Triangle, we would love to talk to you and discuss putting your property firmly on the map!

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One of SandyBlue's fully managed properties

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