Sandy Saturday

Sculptors at the FIESA festival will be downing tools for a well earned glass of champagne this Saturday (May 22), as they celebrate at the grand opening party. And The Resident can exclusively reveal that Guitarras Loucas, an instrumental jazz band from Faro, will be headlining the event.

Alper Alagoz, who is co-ordinating the sand festival, has had a stressful couple of weeks following the recent heavy rain. At first, the downpours posed no threat, but as it continued to lash down on the many sculptures the artists had spent weeks creating, he began to lose his cool. “At one point, we thought we were going to have a landslide,” he commented. “We were about one hour away from one of the biggest pieces being completely devastated. Luckily, the rain stopped in the nick of time and the sun came out, which gave the sculptures enough time to dry out a bit before the next downpour.” Alper reassured The Resident that everything is now back on schedule and running to plan. Indeed, there is an incredible change in the site, which was littered with piles of sand and boxes three weeks ago. What once looked like a small area of wasteland is now a medley of innovative ingenious pieces of sand art.

The Resident will be offering exclusive money off coupons during the event, which runs for four months in total, so watch this space for details!