Same-sex adoption returns to Parliament

Same-sex adoption returns to Parliament

A meeting to discuss same-sex adoption in Parliament has been scheduled for January 21.

Calling the meeting, the left-wing BE party will be presenting a draft law to legalise same-sex adoption and has said that the time to “end discrimination” is now, as the current government is reaching the end of its mandate.

“There is no reason for same-sex couples to not be allowed to adopt a child,” said BE’s parliamentary leader Pedro Filipe Soares.

“Every study shows that if parents are loving and have the ability to raise a child, the child’s development will not be affected by their parents’ sexual preference,” the politician added.

He commended Spain and France for allowing both “gay marriage and adoption” and questioned why in Portugal homosexual couples were only allowed “half their rights”.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the Socialist Party (PS) and ecologist party ‘Os Verdes’ will also be presenting their own proposals for the legalisation of same-sex adoption.

The January 21 meeting will mark the return of the topic to Parliament, after PSD came forth in February 2014 with the idea to hold a referendum, leaving the decision in the hands of the Portuguese.

The referendum was slammed by the opposition – who claimed the whole plan was a ruse to delay the passing of a law on co-adoption – and was later rejected by the Constitutional Court over fears that it would be misinterpreted by the general population.