By Sheena Rawcliffe

SALMON IS a wonderful fish with all sorts of health-giving properties. A simple dish is griddle salmon with stir fried vegetables. As salmon is an oily fish, it does not need to be cooked in any additional oil or butter.


Heat your frying pan or griddle pan until it is hot and sprinkle in a pinch or two of rock salt. Add the salmon fillets and do not touch them for four minutes – this allows time for the natural oil of the fish to melt on to the pan and allows for easy turning, no matter how old the pan is.

Turn the fillets over, immediately turn off the heat and allow the salmon to finish cooking with the residual heat in the pan. After two minutes, remove from pan and serve. Salmon should always be served slightly moist in the middle and never over-cooked when it becomes an unpalatable plate of papier mâché.