Sally Stafford’s latest exhibition at Galeria Côrte Real in Paderne

Sally Stafford’s latest exhibition of paintings – to be seen at Galeria Côrte Real in Paderne – is focused on old varieties of Tea and China roses that bloom profusely in the Algarve.

At this time of year, vases are filled with cut roses encouraging the bushes to bloom with vigor. Selecting perfect specimens, the artist’s paintings are large, bold and radiant, exaggerating the size and brilliance of the flowers. Achieving highly decorative compositions and an immediately recognisable style, Sally Stafford is one of Côrte-Real’s most admired artists.

Summer visitors to the Algarve enjoy its floral beauty but to appreciate the region’s maritime history it is essential to see the Compass Rose in the Fortaleza at Sagres.

Also known as the Wind Rose it is said to be a device commissioned by Prince Henry the Navigator in the 15th century.

As an artifact it is not the best preserved, nor is it clear how it was used to plot the direction of the wind, but its location – perched on a promontory above the sea – is one of the wonders of continental Europe.

Show-casing the beauty of the Algarve, Galeria Côrte-Real has many paintings of the rugged coastline and rural landscapes created by local and visiting international artists.

The gallery is located in the countryside close to the ‘protected’ village of Paderne. Like the Compass Rose at Fortaleza it is worthy of a visit.

It is open Thursday to Sunday from 11am until 5pm

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Photo: Sally Stafford exhibits at Galeria Côrte-Real