Salgado appears for second time in front of BES parliamentary inquiry

For someone facing €10 million in fines and criminal charges ranging from corruption and abuse of confidence to money laundering on a vast scale, former BES boss Ricardo Salgado cut a dash this afternoon when he appeared before MPs for the second time to answer questions on the collapse of the financial empire he used to run.

Taking to the spotlight like a pro, he launched into an attack on the way the Bank of Portugal had handled the affair this far, criticising its ‘drip-by-drip’ release to the press of information on the forensic audit as “inadmissible”.

Outrageous too was the way he was not informed of the findings made by Deloitte (see: and instead subjected to what he called “summary judgement”.

Very much similar to the stance he took when he first appeared before them, Salgado told MPs he would struggle to restore his honour and that of his family “throughout the years of life that are left” to him.

It was the kind of performance that anyone studying drama would be advised to follow carefully. Pauses to pick up a bottle of water, fix MPs with a look over his glasses, unhurried reading from a prepared ‘script’, it was all the performance of a man who seems convinced that he did no wrong.

Salgado’s performance was being covered live by SIC Notícas as we wrote this article.

Updates and reactions will follow tomorrow.

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