Salesman’s motorway tolls ‘bill’ leaps from €400 to €31,000

Insurance salesman Herculano Soldador is living a motorway tolls nightmare. Somehow, he overlooked 64 occasions where he passed through a toll without paying for it.

The €400 cost has since mushroomed into a bill for €31,000 – and Herculano has no idea how he is going to pay for it.

This is the gist of the story picked up by SIC and other media which don’t really explain why Herculano left his bill to amplify.

The nightmare seems to have been precipitated by his decision to do away with his Via Verde ‘toll pay device’, and a flat battery in the device beforehand.

He tells SIC that he tried to pay the original bill, but was told the relevant papers would be sent to his fiscal address.

The fiscal address, however, was out of date – and thus seven years on, Herculano Soldador has suddenly found a €260 lien on his salary which, by his reckoning, could stay in place for the next 20 years.

For now, SIC explains, ‘the legal route’ may be Herculano’s only hope.

But the moral of this story is don’t leave motorway tolls to mount up, thinking perhaps the authorities will forget all about you. They won’t!

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