Sales and marketing director appointed at Longevity

A former president of the Algarve Tourism Board has been appointed sales and marketing director for the Longevity Wellness Resort in Monchique.

Nuno Aires is now joining the team at the luxury resort “up in the hills” from April after six years working at the Algarve Tourism Board, where he was head of tourism from 2009 to 2011 and more recently vice-president.

Speaking to tourism publication Publituris, Nuno Aires said: “I take on the challenge of turning Monchique and the Longevity Wellness Resort into a destination of health and wellbeing of international reference.

“As from April, I will no longer be involved with the tourism board but certainly keep happy memories of my time there.”

The Longevity Wellness Resort provides residential tourism facilities and includes a medical spa, bars, pools, restaurant, library and meditation room.

The resort offers clients the opportunity to make a property investment that they can then either live in all the time, live in part of the time or choose to rent out.

For more information about the resort, please visit the website, available in English, at www.longevitywellnessresort.com