Sale price of Cliff Richard’s iconic winery “slashed by €2.5 million”

Adega do Cantor – the winery with an estate attached that has become synonymous locally with its world famous partner Sir Cliff Richard – is now at least €2.5 million cheaper than it was a year ago.

In fact, depending on what online papers you read, the asking price has tumbled by €3 million (says the home and property section of a New Zealand website).

But what everyone seems to agree on is that this is the place to which the much-loved superstar retired whenever he needed to recharge his batteries.

With homes in UK and Barbados, Portugal was the place where he would truly relax, Sir Cliff has confided – while Barbados is the home-from-home where he will more than likely use up his energy.

But the €9.4 million price-tag originally set on the estate owned by Sir Cliff’s longtime friends and partners Nigel and Lesley Birch is now much reduced.

UK tabloid the Sun – falling into the trap of attributing ownership of the property exclusively to Sir Cliff – says the star is hoping for a “quick sale”.

As he explained last year: “Reluctant as we are, my business partner and I believe it is time to slow down the treadmill and hand over the dream to someone who can dedicate more time to this wonderful venture than we can”.

Now 76, Sir Cliff has been involved in the Adega do Cantor project for almost 15 years. The winery produces around 125,000 bottles per year, attracting visitors in their tens of thousands.

But anyone who worries that the sale means Sir Cliff no longer wants anything to do with the venture would be mistaken.

Agents Fine & Country said in their initial pitch last year that new owners “will have the opportunity to continue producing the wine with Sir Cliff, whose own property is located nearby”.

In fact, there is very possibly very little that would keep Cliff away from the Algarve which became his sanctuary two years ago during ugly historic sex abuse claims which he vehemently refuted, and which have since been dropped.

So what does one get for the vastly reduced price, asks the New Zealand site. The answer is the six-hectare vineyard, three residential properties with 11 bedrooms overall – each house with its own pool, sharing a tennis court with “great views” down to the vineyard.

Anyone interested should contact Fine & Country on 282 354 140.

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