Sagres waves sweep away swimmers

Three foreigners suffered injuries after being swept away by waves from a beach near Sagres on June 26.

The victims, who were treated at the scene and later transported to hospital in Lagos for further treatment, were part of a group of nine who had been swimming in the waters one kilometre away from the lighthouse of Cape St Vincent.

Commandant of the Port of Lagos, Cruz Martins, told Lusa news agency: “It was a group of nine young men, six British, two French and one Portuguese, who climbed down to this small beach at the bottom of the cliff. Three were swept away by the waves and suffered multiple bruising.”

Following an alert given at approximately 5.30pm, the Maritime police were immediately called to the scene with an INEM (National Instititue of Emergency Medicine) ambulance and firefighters from Vila do Bispo.

“By the time help arrived, six had clambered up the cliff helped by the Maritime Police. Those injured were helped to safety after treatment,” said Cruz Martins.

“In areas of difficult access, it is necessary to be very careful because a small accident can grow into something serious and rescue conditions may be challenging,” he concluded.