Saga continues

Solicitors for Garry Mann, the Briton facing extradition to Portugal following his conviction for his part in riots during the Euro 2004 championships (see the Algarve Resident February 5), will be making an oral application for permission to Judicial Review on March 5.

The application will be made by Karen Todner of Kaim Todner Solicitors at the Administrative Court, a division of the High Court, in London.

If granted, a Judicial Review would give Garry Mann the opportunity to challenge the extradition order imposed by Portuguese authorities on the grounds of its being unlawful.

Garry Mann would face serving two years in prison if extradited to Portugal, however, he claims that he should not be extradited as Portuguese authorities told him he would not have to carry out the sentence on condition that he accepted voluntary deportation to the UK and would not return to Portugal for at least a year.

The case was heard at the European Court of Human Rights on February 2 but was deferred back to the UK courts again and is being used by Fair Trials International as an example of their Justice in Europe campaign where Garry Mann is cited as “having been the victim of a fast track trial.”