Safety campaign for younger drivers

Faro Civil Governor took part in the ‘100% Cool’ operation, a campaign developed in partnership with the National Association of Companies Trading in Alcoholic Beverages (ANEBE) and the GNR police which aimed at persuading younger drivers to moderate and cut out alcohol  consumption when driving.

Isilda Gomes said young drivers are a major concern, as road accidents are a leading cause of death in this age group. “The lack of experience of young drivers can lead to risky behaviour and serious consequences. This awareness campaign is specifically intended to draw attention to the tragic road accidents associated with behaviour that can and should be avoided,” she said.

During the ‘100% Cool’ operation, GNR police and ANEBE representatives awarded drivers who registered zero alcohol with fuel vouchers to the value of 25 Euros.

Some 129 drivers aged between 18 and 30 were stopped and advised by Isilda Gomes about the need for strict compliance with traffic rules and the standards expected for road safety. She said that a reduction in the number of accidents depends heavily on the “active participation and responsibility of young people”.