Safe hands for your finances

TO TAKE full advantage of your financial opportunities, you need to put the right plans in place as early as possible – then monitor and develop your strategy as your life evolves. The Fry Group (founded in 1898) can help with expert, objective and impartial advice on taxation, financial planning, retirement and estate planning. They have many thousands of clients around the world who benefit from their first class, co-ordinated and discreet advice across the financial spectrum.

Whatever stage you have reached in your life or career, it’s common sense to pay no more tax than you should. At the same time, you must make the most of your investments. Also, it’s no sin to aim for as comfortable and early a retirement as possible – and, when the time comes, it must be preferable for your family to receive more and the taxman less!

Importantly, you can rest assured that all advice you receive will be totally independent and solely based on your needs and objectives. In addition, you have the peace of mind that results from knowing:

• Fry Group executives concentrate on professional advice – not on sales

• Their team has an unrivalled record for length of service – advisors are here today and here tomorrow!

• Their advice is always tax-led. Solutions that appear attractive but could lead to unpleasant tax consequences are not solutions at all!

• Tax planning centres on experience rather than theory.

• Investment solutions are effective with the emphasis on performance coupled with competitive charges.

• Their expertise covers not only the UK and major expatriate centres, but also areas their clients may retire to. They are fully regulated and authorised by the designated government institutions.

• The Fry Group has many thousands of clients in the UK and around the world. Of those who are expatriates, some have just left the UK; some plan to return at some stage; others to stay abroad for good.

You can meet the team in the Algarve next month when the Fry Group will be delivering two seminars on the theme of Inheritance Tax (IHT) on Tuesday, November 1 (Ria Park Hotel & Spa, Almancil) and Wednesday, November 2 (Le Meridien Penina).

• To book a place or to find out more about the Fry Group’s services, please call + 44 1903 231 545 or fax + 44 1903 200 865 or e-mail [email protected]