Sao Bras Presentation

“Safe Christmas Seminar” in Sāo Brás de Alportel

Safe Communities Portugal (SCP) and Amigos do Museu do Traje have joined forces in holding a “Safe Christmas and Festive Period Seminar” at Museu do Traje in Sāo Brás de Alportel on Friday, November 17, from 5pm to 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The seminar aims to raise awareness about the operations of the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) and the Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária (ANSR) (National Road Safety Authority) over the Christmas and New Year festive period.

The objective is to learn from the authorities on how to have a safe festive period. Information will also be provided by the Sāo Brás de Alportel municipality.

The focus will be on  security of property over the Christmas period, especially if property will be empty; safe driving; police enforcement and processes, reporting suspicious activities and crime, online scams, especially shopping scams, and safety tips.

David Thomas, president of SCP, said: “Apart from the presenters, we are honoured that Coronel Carlos Almeida, Commandant of the GNR Faro Territorial Command, as well as ANSR president, Rui Ribeiro, will be present, so this will be a good opportunity to meet them personally.”

There will be plenty of time for engagement with the presenters, as one of the aims is to discuss and answer attendees’ questions on topics of interest to them. “As we know, during this period, people may be away on holiday, leaving their property unoccupied, or they may do some pre-Christmas shopping online with the potential for scams. There are also concerns regarding the seasonable increase in road accidents and issues relating to drink driving,” added David Thomas.

The museum location is: Rua Dr. José Dias Sancho 61, 8150-141 São Brás de Alportel and there is parking nearby.

To ensure there is seating for all, please confirm that you will be attending by emailing [email protected] no later than November 14.