Sad theory behind Lagos double death plunge

PJ police today advanced a possible theory for the double death plunge of a Dutch couple in Lagos earlier this week.
A spokesman told Correio da Manhã newspaper that the woman, aged 58, was sick and that the 20-metre fall from the couple’s 4th storey balcony at the A Fábrica apartment complex behind Lagos Marina may well have been “intentional”.
The information was short and did not elaborate on the kind of sickness involved.
Meantime, locals are recovering from the shock of the tragedy which took place a little before lunchtime on Monday.
Both bodies were first seen by a neighbour who looked out of her window into the complex’s little interior garden.
Rescue services worked on the couple for more than an hour, but both were pronounced dead at the scene from multiple injuries.
Police called in confirmed there were no signs of a struggle having taken place and all valuables and other items seemed to be in place.
Both bodies were removed for autopsy.
As yet the couple has not been identified.