Saboreal launches Western Algarve’s “first canned sardines in years”

Parchal-based canned food producer Saboreal has launched what it calls the “first canned sardine in the Western Algarve in years”.

Says the company, it is hoping to revive an “important part of the culture of the Arade River”.

Fish canning was once the main industry along the Arade River, but, for decades, it has been left almost completely abandoned.

However, Manuel Mendes and Vincent Jonckheere from Saboreal believe they have found the perfect recipe for a “high-quality can of sardines”.

“We have created a high-quality product and brand for the coming decades. Through this long-term vision, we want to bring back the pride of fish canning to the Arade basin,” said Vincent Jonckheere.

The name, ‘Papa Anzóis’, was inspired by a well-known fishing bank in the Western Algarve.

“We wanted to pay tribute to the fishing communities which throughout the years have identified several fishing banks with interesting names,” said Manuel Mendes.

The ‘Papa Anzóis’ sardine tins can be purchased at several select restaurants and stores and online at (pack Descobertas Papa Anzóis, six tins, €25.20)

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