Ryanair offers Portuguese cabin crew tough choice: “take less than minimum wage or emigrate”

Low-cost Irish carrier Ryanair is being accused of offering workers in Portugal a bitter pill: either accept less than minimum wage for the jobs they do, or ‘emigrate’ – to Ryanair bases in UK.

Explain reports, the tough choice has been put to the workers of Crewlink, a company whose only client is Ryanair.

Crewlink has 30 personnel based in Ponta Delgada (Azores), Lisbon and Porto.

The workers are starting to receive ‘communications’ from human resources, laying out their options which basically boil down to a base salary of €588 (when the national minimum is currently €635) or moving to bases in the East Midlands or Southend by September 1.

Exchanges between one worker and HR seen by Lusa news agency show that the company considers its proposals ‘attractive’ in that there are extras that would be added to basic pay, for weekend work and subsidies etc.

Reports SIC: “workers are being given two to three days to respond… as well as being refused requests for relocation in Portugal or for postponement of the emigration proposal”.

For SNPVAC, the syndicate of cabin crew staff, Ryanair is pressuring its staff in “an illicit way” to “accept shameful conditions”.

It has to be said that Ryanair is not the only airline being called out for the way it is treating its staff.

British Airways too has been deeply criticised for treating its personnel ‘disgracefully’ – slashing jobs, conditions and pay for those that haven’t taken voluntary redundancies.

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