Ryanair links Faro to Belfast starting in June

A summer link between Faro and Belfast has been announced this week by Belfast City Airport.

The service will be operated by Ryanair and will feature seven weekly flights between June and the end of October, with prices for one-way flights starting at £19.99 (around €23).

“We are thrilled that a connection between Faro and Belfast has once again been restored,” said Ellie McGimpsey, Aviation Development Manager at Belfast City Airport.

“We know there will be great demand from people from Northern Ireland to plan a getaway this summer in line with Government travel guidance,” McGimpsey added.

The manager also stressed how the service “really presents a great opportunity for people living in the Algarve with connections in Northern Ireland who may wish to travel home to see family.

“As a result of the pandemic, expats living abroad have been separated from family and friends back home for over a year now so we hope this service will facilitate some very special reunions this summer,” she said.

Flights from Faro to Belfast City Airport can be booked online on Ryanair’s website (www.ryanair.com).

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