Ryanair flight to Faro forced to make emergency landing in France

A Ryanair flight to Faro last night was forced to make an emergency landing in France after a fire reportedly broke out on board.

Flight FR4052 took off from Manchester at 6.33pm and was expected to land at around 9.30pm.

Instead, pilots had to make an emergency landing in Brest in western France at 7.30pm, reports the Mail Online.

The Ryanair operated Boeing 737-8AS aircraft touched was met on the runway by several fire trucks as policemen escorted passengers onto a bus which brought them to the terminal.

Flight tracking software suggests the plane engaged in an extremely rapid descent from 41,000ft to 6,725ft in seven minutes between 7.14 to 7.21pm, said the Mail “sparking concerns that there could have been a loss of cabin pressure”.

Despite France’s strict Covid quarantine rules for arriving Britons, the passengers were allowed to board another plane sent to pick them up from Stansted and continue to Portugal.